NLP (Neuro lingvistinis programavimas)

Jolanta urbanavičienė

The system that allows to understand and change mindset, activate internal resources and improve the quality of life. Contemplation of every individual reflects his / her quality of life.

NLP is also an effective means in achieving goals. Effective behaviour can be achieves once we understand the cause of different behaviours. NLP provides with lot of tools which can be effectively used in various situations.

Why this system got named like this?

„Neuro“ is about our thoughts, it is what we do with the help of brains.
„Linguistic“ is our speech, it is what we usde to reflect the world and situations. „Programming“ is a unique way for an individual to collect all this in one, so he/she can change personal behaviour and achieve desired situation in life or environment, or goal reaching.

Why do I use it? NLP helps to better understand a person, his/her convictions; it helps to open hidden resources and to address challenges in a creative manner. When NLP is integrated in the coaching sessions the process is more smooth, effective and faster. A joint approach allows me to bring more added value to my business partners and clients.

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Throughout the studies and workshops Jolanta was exceptionally disciplined, demonstrated prominent level of responsibility topped with curiosity and delve into the topics. During sessions she expressed willingness to learn more about the options of practical coaching technique application when working with client.

Workshops were organized under Coach - Client - Observer format. Practically all participants were continuously expressing willingness to get Jolanta as a partner for the training session since results were stunning. Jolanta holds strong skills of conscious leader. With coaching technique her potential unfolded even further during the studies. I would like to stress that Jolanta immediately integrated each single new coaching tool into her professional and private life as well as coaching sessions with her clients. Such coherent and complex application lead to excellent results. It is my immense pleasure to recommend Jolanta as an effective coach who helps client to find solutions to issues of their concern. I am 100 percent sure that result will be superb.


Venera Rachimova

Founder of International Academy of business traineers and couchers. Master Trainer ECA (European Coaching Association), ICI (International Association of Coaching Institutes), IN (International Association of NLP Institutes)

“Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards,”

-Tony Robbins


„I pursue to create more value to the coaching clients. For more effective way to discover peoples resourses in coaching sessions, I become „NLP practitioner,IN“ at „International Association of NLP Institutes“