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About me

Dirbdama vadovaujuosi principu „kuo daugiau žmonių padėsi įgyvendinti jų tikslus ir svajones, tuo sėkmingesnis ir laimingesnis būsi“.

My mission is to help people in their journey of personal development and positive change.

I love helping people who aim for changes in their life, to see them happy when they reach goals and see their dreams come true.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

-Tony Robbins

Benefits to You

Goals achieved

It is my role to help You understand and listen to yourself, unfold your potential and give empowerment. I will assist you to reach desired objectives in a single-minded and uncomplicated way.

Desired results

Most of You know what shall be done. However, many people do not take any actions to reach desired results. Sometimes we are blocked by limited attitude that we will not succeed, that we lack knowledge, courage, that we are simply scared.

a clear plan

Coaching session will help You to define your objectives in any area of life – relationship, career or business. You will find exact actions to be taken to reach your desired objective. You will also openly identify the obstacles and blocks that limit your activity.


We are not held back by our lack of resources or abilities, we are held back by the fear of failure - this is a normal feeling, which when eliminated opens up a treasure chest of inexhaustible resources.

884 hours coaching sessions
120 satisfied clients

Throughout the studies and workshops Jolanta was exceptionally disciplined, demonstrated prominent level of responsibility topped with curiosity and delve into the topics. During sessions she expressed willingness to learn more about the options of practical coaching technique application when working with client.

Workshops were organized under Coach - Client - Observer format. Practically all participants were continuously expressing willingness to get Jolanta as a partner for the training session since results were stunning. Jolanta holds strong skills of conscious leader. With coaching technique her potential unfolded even further during the studies. I would like to stress that Jolanta immediately integrated each single new coaching tool into her professional and private life as well as coaching sessions with her clients. Such coherent and complex application lead to excellent results. It is my immense pleasure to recommend Jolanta as an effective coach who helps client to find solutions to issues of their concern. I am 100 percent sure that result will be superb.


Venera Rachimova

Founder of International Academy of business traineers and couchers. Master Trainer ECA (European Coaching Association), ICI (International Association of Coaching Institutes), IN (International Association of NLP Institutes)

„Jolanta, I am grateful for your Coaching sessions. Admire relaxed and warm atmosphere. Your training helped me to focus on my internal resources which I can use in reaching my objective. I am so clear now where are my gaps, I am more attentive to obligations I set for myself. Your coaching helped me to make my action plan specific and more precise.

Vilma Andriuliene

Vilma Andriulienė


„I found extremely useful the structure of questions which Jolanta raised for me as they lead towards direct answers no matter you want it or not. Coaching sessions expanded scope of my vision which was truly limited. With support of Jolanta I managed to expand and deepen my understanding about things that are of prime importance to me, I realized my skills and capabilities. I admit that now I feel much more at ease when taking actions and I am pleased to feel satisfaction about what I do. Coaching training with Jolanta made me realize my internal strengths and capabilities. What a wonderful feeling. Thank you so much.

Zavinta Stelmokaite

Žavinta stelmokaitė

United Kingdom

„I never thought that coaching training would help me answer questions I had for myself and build business strategy. It was worth taking the course. Every session is unique and interesting as they entail different methods and techniques selected for a specific situation. I was the one to commit to take actions, move towards my goal and Jolanta always stood by to support, guide and motivate me through discussions. Jolanta is highly professional coach and I value it a lot. “

Vytautas Radziunas

Vytautas Radžiūnas


„About coaching! Right questions lead towards correct answers and conscious understanding what you want and what you can. Jolanta Urbanaviciene is excelent! She leads you towards the answer in a professional manner. Valuable time to meet with yourself and have a closer look at your dreams! Coaching with Jolanta is one more tangible opportunity which van help to reach your goals!

Dalia_Butkeviciene (1)

Dalia butkevičienė



Following one year of intensive training, active practices and work-shops I got awarded with certified coach diplomas from Certified European Coaching Association (ECA) and International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI).